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Rough colour scheme

So, with the new project beginning to take shape, I knew I  would need to set up the characters within the Chapter with a sense of identity. They need to know who they are as much as I do after all!

After enthusing at my long suffering partner, he agreed to let me paint the army he is yet to assemble as the guys from The Black Hand, which honestly made my day. Sad as that is, I was very excited to have a ‘partner in crime’ for at least a little of this project.

Next question was, what were they going to look like. I used the game Space Marine while at my sister’s place to get a rough idea and took the screenshot you see opposite.

Legion of the Damned Space Marine

I tried so hard to stay away from blue, honestly I did. Problem is, I love the colour and it fits with the faction. I’ll write a post about their history later on explaining that. Blue is also a wonderful colour to paint. I have done a lot with blue in the past and so feel that I have enough experience to do a good job of it.

As soon as I have finished with the Legion of the Damned I am currently working on, I will be sticking and painting the first of the Chapter. It might be a little on the sad side, but I am very much looking forward to that.

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