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Tools of the Trade

This is a snapshot of my paint table – a place I have spent a deal of time. I do love my little desk in the corner with all my bits for painting on. I stepped back and looked at the range of bits and can smile about it.

Today I had to make a trip to Stronghold Games, our local and very awesome hobby shop. It does a range of everything but I generally go there for the paint, brushes and banter. While deciding on which colours to get; blue for the Space Marines of the Chapter, I realised that I was really spoiled for choice. There are so many different makes out there now, and so many colours, that really, there is no need for mixing.

I then debated with my parter about the thinness of some paint. I like the paint to be relatively thick, I find it covers the model easier and does not look as streaky as when it’s rather thin (I am looking at you Yellow). He prefers the opposite. I tend to buy Citadel paint for this reason, whereas he prefers Vallejo paint.

I also tend to use a much thinner brush than he does. The ones I cleave to at the moment are Army Painter – The Psycho and The Insane level are incredible small but perfect for the fine detail work I adore doing. He prefers a larger brush.

He did convert me to the use of a wet palette – seen here in the shape of a takeaway tub stuffed with a sponge and covered in baking paper. It’s way cheaper than buying one and it works just as well. It keeps the mixed paint wet for far longer and means you can get a more consistent colour.

Do any of you have preferences for makes of kit? Any that you go to over others or do you just like to use what is available?

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