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The Psycho

 I never knew there was a hole in my painting equipment until I was presented with this monstrosity a few weeks ago. Thank you Dave at Stronghold!

The name of this particular brush I find is apt as there are about three bristles of hair in it. It is for insanely minute details and has been designed for war game miniature painters particularly.

I am in love with this brush. it had allowed me to add extra highlights on the figures I have been working on and to do some small free hand work that I would have struggled with otherwise. I do love a bit of free hand work now and then just to test those boundaries and make the models look that little bit cooler.

I’ve added a couple of pictures of the guy I worked on today. He is not finished as he seems to be lacking arms but the part I want to share is the detail on the leg done using The Psycho!

Check out the psycho’s work

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