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I’ve spent this morning painting Space Marines with the other half – he was building them. I wasn’t going to post anything about it as I haven’t done anything overly fancy, just kept going with the line troops, nothing too interesting, as fun as they are.

I noticed a couple of my brushes were getting a bit ragged so I turned to the newest addition to my tools of the trade – brush conditioner. I first used it in the games store the other week and ordered some instantly.

I hate it when the brushes split, in the past it meant that I would either stop using them or have to buy some more. Not so anymore. Now, I rub them with some water into this lovely lemony smelling stuff, which through some method of unknown science, cleans and conditions them. It reforms the bristles and makes the brushes almost new again. Gone are the split bristles and unusable brushes.

I did comment that the store have done themselves out of some sales however as I will no longer need to replace the brushes quite as often as I did before.

For all of you painters out there that do not know about this stuff, get some! It will save you money and frustration in the long run I swear!

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