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First Primaris!

So, I had a little time to myself today to paint some of the new Primaris Marines that we bought last week. Alright, so we also got some Deathguard as well but I am having nothing to do with those plague-ridden things unless it’s shooting at them or blowing them up!

It was decided that they should be painted as regular Ultramarines. They have been seconded to the Black Hands for the time being. It means we can use Guilliman for large scale fights as well – though I have seen that Primarch’s bits, honestly, putting him together frightens the life out of me…

Anyway, moving on from that, I found the miniature to be a real pleasure to paint. Alright, so I am biased, I like painting Space Marines already but still, it was nice to paint a different flavour! What you can see in the pictures is my trial of a single model – this scheme works really well I thought so I have now begun the rest of the unit, and the captain as well.

Of course, the marine does need his transfers doing, but I am going to wait until I have done all of them to put them on. The other new thing I have done with these guys is to undercoat them blue rather than black. I was a little apprehensive about doing so because I have ALWAYS used black and I don’t like to change things that work. Black is a forgiving undercoat and I find that it adds shade to the lower areas you don’t always paint over. It is also good at hiding those bits you miss off… we all do it from time to time. That said, these models are mostly blue anyway so I was persuaded. I’m not convinced about it still but I don’t think I did too bad a job!


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