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Tutorial: Gems and Fur

Last week, I had a couple of questions about how I have done Gems and Fur on a Space Wolf I am currently working on. I decided that writing a quick tutorial would be better than explaining it – pictures make everything easy right?

Gems: I used these colours for the tutorial –


Step 1: Paint the base of the gem in Warpstone Glow or the medium colour you decide to use.


Step two. Paint one of the sections of the gem in the brightest colour.


Step 3: Paint the opposite section in the darker colour.


Step 4: Mix the light green with the yellow 50/50 mix and use this to highlight around the edge of the bright green. I also added a spot of the yellow to the centre to make it pop that little bit more.



These are the colours I used for the fur:


Step 1: Paint the fur with the darkest colour – Dryad Bark in this case.


Step 2: Wash with Agrax and then go paint something else or make a brew while it dries.


Step 3: Mix Dryad Bark with the XV-58 50/50 and then drybrush it over the fur


Step 4: Drybrush with XV-58.


You can keep going of course, depending on how much variation and how light you want the fur. This mini is a Chaos Sorcerer so I figured that he’d be pretty dirty – there are no showers in the Eye of Terror…

I hope this proves to be useful!

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