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Goals and Dreams

I did a post like this about writing a little while back and thought that, seeing as we are in the new year, I would do one for hobby as well. I am a bit more focused on painting than I am writing currently and so I think I will switch to this one for the time being. That does not mean I will stop writing, not sure I would ever be able to do that but it doesn’t mean I cannot work on both!


To learn how to create Object Source Lighting when I paint.

Enter Golden Demon with another bonkers diorama.

To push for more commission painting work

Improve on what I am already capable of

Speed up and solidify the three levels of painting I currently offer.

Enter local painting competitions


To be able to get enough commission work to stop teaching.

To win Golden Demon – or at least place.

To win any competition for painting.


Not that long a list really but it doesn’t need to be. I have my mind set on doing this and I will get there, I just need to stay focused and ensure I keep working at improving myself all the time. If I do this well enough, for long enough, things will start to happen!


10 thoughts on “Goals and Dreams

  1. How would one set up getting a commission done? Have you been offered before? I do hope your dreams will come true in the new year. I’ll be holding thumbs for you.


    1. I have done a few before, though they have all been done through twitter, rather than here. If you are interested, there is a contact me form on the commission tab of the blog – if that fails then the contact page should work fine. Pop what you are after in there and we shall go from there 🙂
      thank you for the well wishes too, I really hope this works out.

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      1. I myself own no figurines nor am I after some at the moment (cash flow problems and adult stuff getting in the way…) asking out of interest because the painting I have seen by your hand are all masterful art pieces. Unfortunately I do not own a twitter account, nor a instagram (as I live under a rock…)

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      2. Ahh, no worries at all. It is a valid question and I am sure others will ask it too – I should add contact info to regular posts. I do a lot more on twitter than I do here, the wargaming community there is really good.

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  2. It will be very cool to see you work through these ideas and I really hope you do get some form of formal recognition for the effort you put into your painting by winning a comp of some sort

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  3. Best of luck in all your goals for 2019!
    With hard work they’ll all come true, I have no doubt.
    You’ve come on such a long way in a relatively short amount of time already. Keep having fun~

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