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Commission Update Jan 12th

I have finished the first commission of the year and the third one I have ever done! This time it was Ahriman for a good friend over on twitter. She got in touch with me at the back end of last year and asked if I would paint her 30K Ahriman for her. I could hardly say no to painting one of my favourite miniatures so I agreed without hesitation.

This mini was a challenge as he was painted using a technique and a paint I have never used before. You will see what I mean in the picture below:


The cherry red was a thin, expectionally shiny paint that was I placed over silver. I was unsure how this would turn out as I have never used it before. I painted the armour with a bolt gun silver, then highlighted with a much lighter silver. I then painted the red over the top and thankfully, the highlights still show.

The cloak belongs to a psyker and as per the client’s request, I painted a galaxy on it. I don’t think I wil ever tire of painting those, they are so versatile and effective and I now find them relatively easy to do as well.

All in all, he took around six hours to complete. I know I can paint quicker than this, however I did not want to compromise on the quality of the work in this case. There was no point rushing and making careless mistakes, especially when learning how to do something new. I think the technique worked well, and above all, the client was pleased with the work.

Commission slots are currently open, please feel free to contact me with enquires. I am happy to discuss anything.



6 thoughts on “Commission Update Jan 12th

  1. Another version cool astronomical phenomenon themed cloak on another very cool Ahriman. Well … At the rate your churning them out your hardly going to get spontaneously worse are you, only better! It will be exciting to see what other commissions you pick in addition to your own stuff. I guess with commissions you could end up painting anything … Unless you develope reputation as “that galaxy cloak/Ahriman chick”.

    Do you have a preference for what you paint? (e.g. Space marines over others, 40k over AoS, Ahriman over all other things…)


    1. I don’t really have a favourite. 40k certainly inspires me the most hit if someone came to me and wanted me to paint a ton of skeletons, I would.

      I do like painting space Marines, Ahriman being my favourite mini, but that doesn’t mean I won’t paint anything else.


      1. I think this comes from a couple of people chatting on Twitter about hating painting Tau… I don’t know why, I figured painting one was like painting another… Unless your painting like 100 hormagants. The same manotonous task


      2. Just a case of plugging through them. Someone has enquired about 60 Pox Walkers, which I will do. Not everyone is going to want to have fancy galaxies or crazy freehand. Troops need painting too and I feel this is where most of my work will be done.


      3. Yeah that’s the where the money is at I guess. Ooo, even better if they ask for Galaxy skin on the Pox Walkers…



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