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As well as finishing Xerxes as a part of a miniature trade with my sister, we made it over to the Warboot at Element Games in Stockport. Usually, we can be found behind a stall however this time we went along to pick up bargains and meet up with old friends. Everyone loves a bargain and a good deal after all and I am no different to anyone else in this.

Before I divulge what look my husband and I managed to pick up, I will say how much fun the Warboot is. It brings together a lot of people and as we have been going for a while now, we know some of the other regulars too. It is nice to meet up with them and natter about shared hobby, as well as enthuse about what is happening. It is not restricted to Games Workshop either, there is usually board games, Warmachine, X-Wing and other table top RPG’s as well. It is nice to connect with people that ‘get it.’

I also bumped into an old house-mate of mine – Jason Enos – who I had not seen in a long time. Catching up on news and sharing old World of Warcraft stories was a good laugh.

I went with the intention of finding things that were not Space Marines to paint.

OK, so what did I bring home?

So, we have a box of objective markers for a fiver, two dudes on plynths who were £1, a battered and beaten up tech priest, also £1 and two Alpha Legion conversions who I thought were interesting miniatures. They cost me £10. I also snagged a Land Raider on Spru for £15 but no one wants to see a picture of a spru. Lastly, I grabbed some old metal nurglings for my sister for £10. She has an ancient Beast of Nurgle and as the nurglings were the first ever miniatures she bought, I had to get them for her – she was thrilled.

The Alpha Legion lads definitely have a story to tell. So far, I know they are in the Black Legion and that they are brothers. Nothing else has been forthcoming yet but give it time.

My mission to find things to paint that was not Space Marines did not go so well…

It was a great day and a lot of fun. If you ever find yourself in Stockport when one is on, pop in!

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