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Wicked Wednesday – 2

Due to parents evening, this one is a day late. I ask for your forgiveness for that. This week, I have interviewed a good friend whom I met on Tumblr lately. Here are her ideas around the hobby:

Tell us a bit about yourself. You don’t have to include your actual name and location, but a rough area would be amazing.

Well, I normally go by Fox online. My handle in most places online is Fox-N-Clocks (because Fox-N-Pocketwatches did not have the same ring to it.) I from Louisiana in the US.

How did you get into the hobby?

I first got into the hobby in 2012, when some friends of mine asked me to play the Fantasy Flight Game: Deathwatch, I picked up a few models to paint for roleplaying reasons. However, I didn’t -really- get into the hobby until early 2018 when my husband bought me my first army (Deathwatch), from there I just kind of dived in head first. Now I have several kill teams.
What is your favourite aspect of the hobby and why?

I have really been enjoying Killteam! I like the smaller scale battles. I also really enjoy painting and building my minis.

Which is the best faction, in your opinion? That is a hard one, I really love Deathwatch but I also really love Thousand Sons. It’s had for me to pick, both group’s lore is so good.

Has the hobby helped you develop as an individual? How has it done so?

It has, I have met a lot of really good friends though the hobby. It has also given me a creative outlet and has allowed me to go out and do something once a week or so. (Which in a small town is really nice.)

Have you any pictures you can share? This can be miniatures, of playing, artwork or anything else that is relevant.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest strength of the hobby at the moment?

I would like to think painting. I slowly see myself getting better and better with each mini I do.

What would you like to see in the future?

A continued growth in the community as a whole. The new models have been amazing. I would love to see more audio books for actual 40k books (not just Horus Heresy.) I love the lore and want to keep reading….ummm….listening.
Anything else you would like to say?

I would just like to thank Deb for letting me be apart of this! It’s really nice to get out there!

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