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Miniature Commissions

I want to start taking them. The ones I have done so far have been enjoyable and have been a very positive experience for me. ‘The Jerks’ – Kor Phaeron and Erebus were brilliant miniatures to paint, and Ahriman (30K) is always a delight.

However, getting my name out there for this is not going to be easy. Some steps have been taken, and they will need to be plugged away at consistently. That will not be enough. I have spoken to a local commission painter and have picked up some pointers and advice from him too.

The main one being I need to learn to use the air-brush. The thought terrifies me, I won’t lie but it is time to do something that scares me and push that boundary far away. The hobby room needs to be altered a bit to make room – this will happen at the weekend. Then, I will have to watch videos and just get on with it.

I have been given several tips I want to try out, one of them involving oil washes. I’ve also put together a list of things I need to pick up to help me – a tripod, a miniature light box and a few other bits as well.

My ‘to do’ list looks like this:

1) Learn to airbrush.

2) Paint every day – for extended periods of time, build up stamina.

3) Advertise a lot more.

4) Try the tips Gary gave me and work them into my painting routines.

5) Keep streaming and build a presence on other social media platforms.

If you are interested in commissioning my to paint your army, or miniatures for you, please get in touch. I am happy to discuss anything. I have a page detailing some of the bits I have done, though very soon that will need updating with better images.

In other news, Sevatar is coming along very nicely – no spoilers though!


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