Light box

I decided that I needed something more convenient than bent bits of paper propped up by books to enable me to take better pictures of my miniatures. If I am to be a ‘professional’ at this, I need images that reflect that. I didn’t want to spend a fortune to start with however, so off to amazon I went for a look around. I settled on a small one which should suit my needs for the time being.

It fits inside one of the Kallax units that I have in the hobby room quite nicely, all it took was a little space making and I was good to go. It has two strips of LED lights and is powered by USB – perfect for what I want it for.

I’ve taken an experimental shot of Cypher – a mini I am proud of but have no really good pictures of, and am pleased with the results:

I painted him about eighteen months ago, so whatever I was channelling that day can come back for sure. Finally, you can see his power pack is overheating! He is far from perfect but I am still proud of him.

Expect more new pictures of minis cropping up here and there, it means I can update some pages with far superior images.

4 thoughts on “Light box

      1. I might invest… My set up is insane. A roller of paper weighted down at one end and clothes pegged to a backward facing laptop, two bits of white board leaning against the side and a light poised however I can manage near by (a choice of two that are either too big or too small)

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