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Eisenhorn and the Fine Cast Rant!

I painted Eisenhorn today. I would like to say he was a pleasure to paint, I would like to say he was a joy to work on. He wasn’t. Eisenhorn is made of finecast and that presents itself with some crippling problems.

Once I had straightened out his staff using hot water and then cold water, I managed to get the mini assembled well enough. He had a mountain of irritating flash on him so it look longer than it should to get him together. The miniature took the undercoat alright, which is always a relief, so then came the job of actually painting him.

A lot of detail on him was not cast properly, so looked like blob shapes rather than the Imperial Eagle or Inquisition symbol. His face lacks definition which is a huge shame. Most of the plastic miniatures I have worked on lately have amazing faces and details. Some of them I have had to paint on as best as I can, or skim over.

It really is a shame as I know this is a well loved character and I also know it could have been made a whole lot better. It just seems a waste to me. Anyway, here he is, for what it is worth.

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One thought on “Eisenhorn and the Fine Cast Rant!

  1. I can’t say he has been my favorite character so far, but his stories have been interesting reads. I prefer his sidekick Ravenor rather, but he is basically just a floating coffin…


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