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New Learning!

Today, Gary from The Vanus Temple  (http://www.the-vanus-temple.com/) and I met up with the intention of learning how to air brush. I have had the airbrush for a while, however I have been unsure how to use it. I learn best when I am being shown things and so asked. He said he wouldn’t mind showing me and so today was the day.

I now know the basics, how the airbrush works and some of the simple techniques. The problem is, I am very asthmatic. I have to have daily steroids to ensure I keep breathing properly. I do not have an extractor or spray booth, so we decided that it would be best if I had those things before I started to use the airbrush properly. I do know the important bits and it won’t be long before I start experimenting and playing around with it. Watch this space.

So, instead of waste time while I had an awesome commission painter in the house, we spoke of other things and I got my learn on.

I learned about blending swords – something I consider a weakness.

I learned four colour blending on lenses.

I learned about painting gems.

Small things that I have done before but this is a new way that I have been shown. It was amazing to watch an expert, then have a go at the technique too – and show them my first attempts too.

Here is my sword next to Gary’s. I am very pleased with the result, though I want to practice and play with the technique on other blades and see what I can do with some time and effort.

But who did which sword…?

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