One thing that I have struggled with is taking good pictures of miniatures. I use my phone for this, which is now getting on and will need replacing soon, however I still felt that the pictures I took came off dark, even when in the light box. Something had to be done. On the warhammer Community page, there are some handy hints and tips about taking pictures, which I read. This was a good start.

I then thought about my set up and found a space and did some tinkering around with it. I used two spot lights, as these are available immediately, and fixed some paper to the wall. It ended up looking like this:


The black clip lamp is currently clipped to the handle of the airbrush compressor – this is not ideal but as I was experimenting, I thought it would do for the time being. So, I grabbed some of the recently finished miniatures whose pictures I was not satisfied with and began taking some snaps.

Here are some old and new pictures side by side so you can see the difference:



They are still not perfect, but they are better. I have bits I can improve on and tweak but it is a step in the right direction, and for me, that is a win!

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