Miniature Swap: Results and Deadlines!

I drew the miniature swap on stream this evening. Here is the results showing who is painting for who and what should be painted:

New Canvas

So, I am Heretic Deb, I would like a Black Legion miniature, I will paint something for Vidpui, who has no preference.

I expect everyone to be able to sort themselves out when it comes to speaking to one another about what they actually want.

Remember: The spend amount I suggested was £20, though you are more than welcome to exceed the budget if you want to.

Deadline: September. I’m not putting a hard and fast date, but the end of September gives you three months to paint the miniature, which should be plenty of time.

Pictures: It would be amazing if at the end of September, I can do a post of pictures showcasing the miniatures we have all painted. Of course, this is not compulsary but any pictures I get, I will show off to the world.

Have fun!!

IMG_2118 (2)

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