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Demons, a Sorcerer and the Dreadnought

My main task this last week has been to power through the demon list that is being played for the GT. I am pleased with the progress I made with the demons but left the larger models for the last couple of days before hand. This included a demon prince, a Tzeentch Demon – Moon Face, a Thousand Sons sorcerer and a Dreadnought.

I started the sorcerer the other day and was pleased with how he turned out in the end. He didn’t take overly long either. I haven’t done much in the way of high-lighting but the idea was to get him done to a reasonable standard as quickly as possible. I do like the cloak, the flame effect didn’t take long to create and there was already marking on the cloak to show where it should be. It adds a bit of flair:


The Demon Prince went from boxed to painted in about 4 hours. It was a quick job because it had to be, but I think he turned out alright in the end.  He had a few accents to make him more ‘Thousand Sons’ and again, I am pleased with his look:


Moon Face was an experiment. I wanted him to have a blue tinge to him so it ties in with the other demons but so that he stood out as well. There are plenty of spaces where I see errors and room for improving but overall, he passes! The green flames also match the other demons in the force.


Last but not least was the Dreadnought. The weaponry has been sprayed and drybrushed silver but I didn’t have time to take pictures of them together. When I had him, he was silver with a faint purple wash on him. I had an hour or so left so decided to experiment. I put some Talassar Blue – a contrast paint – over the silver and hoped for the best. The results were better than I thought they would be.


You can sort of see in the pictures that the silver shines underneath the blue paint so it looks shiny. I then did some gold because Thousand Sons and added spots of rust to gun holes and red eye lenses.

Seeing how this worked here makes me want to play around with other contrast paints over silver and see what they look like as well. It is something I will have to get to after some other projects that have approaching deadlines are complete. Either way, it’s an interesting thought and one I look forward to exploring further in the near future.

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