40K · miniatures.

The Elucidian Starstriders

These miniatures were a lot of fun to paint. Each of them had details that both made them stand apart and made them a part of the Kill Team thet are in. I really enjoued the gold filigree work that features on each miniature, and I feel it really tied them together as a working unit.

Each character is unique I felt. The poses and details really brought their personality to the fore and showed who they are. I particularly liked the mad scientist fellow with the generators on his back. In order to get the vivid blue, I used contrast paint over silver, and effect that I am coming to like the more I play around with it. More on that technique later, for now, here are some pictures of the Kill Team:


This Kill Team is available for sale if you are interested, please feel free to get in touch – they come with all the related rules and tokens/data cards as well.

I think I am going to go on and experiment some more with the contrast paints over silver, more on that tomorrow I think!

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