Air Brush and Booth

When you read this, I will be hanging around in Stockport, likely in a bar, waiting for the painting course to begin. Yesterday, shortly before writing this, my extractor booth arrived for the airbrush. I was considerably excited by this as I have been waiting to get one for over a month now.

As some of you know, I suffer from severe asthma. I’m not going into details of that but I will mention that it is affected by dust. While I was being taught all about the airbrush by Gary, he said that they are dusty machines and that I should be careful. I also have a dust mask to use too!

Anyway, I held off ordering the booth until this week and it arrived Thursday. Hurrah.

I set about putting it together – which was fairly easy if somewhat amusing, and here it is: my new airbrush station.


The extractor will carry all the nasty dust away out the window and hopefully, the dust mask will do the rest. Of course, the first thing I did once I had taken this was pack it all up again as I need the airbrush for the course… I will update the world once I have had a few tries with it and done something worth writing about! Until then, wish me luck on the course!

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