Old Hammer finds!

I started getting into Warhammer and painting in the mid 1990’s. I may have mentioned before that my sister discovered Games Workshop and dragged me into it the next day. She bought some nurglings and I bought a banshee. I was a young goth and they had skeletons, it was a match made in heaven. I’ve been painting, on and off, ever since.

Today, while re-organising and tidying the hobby room, I found some old boxes full of miniatures that have long been neglected. It was nice to see them and I thought I would share them with the world.

These miniatures have been sat in a box for at least the last six years, so I have decided to part with them. The old miniatures I am keeping are the ones I have painted and are in the display cabinet. These ones deserve to be treated well and placed in the hands of someone who has the time for them. Seeing them brought a warm smile to my face however, and I hope that it does to you too!

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