More Warcry!

Seeing as they sold really well before, I decided to buy some mroe miniatures for Warcry to sell. I bought Cypher Lords, who I have done before, and the Splintered Fang. I liked the look of the snake people when I saw them at Warhammer Fest back earlier in the year and they were a lot of fun to paint too. I liked being able to use vivid greens to bring them to life. Green is not a colour I have used a great deal so far and being able to do so was really good practice. Here they are:

Also, because I really love Space Marines, I have painted these two this week as well. I really think I should paint some chapters other than Ultramarines, but they look really cool in these blue tones and blue is my favourite colour as well. IMG_2724IMG_2752

I really like how the ancient looks as though he is peeking out from behind his banner too, maybe he is a bit shy…IMG_2757

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