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Film Review: Rambo – Last Blood

Rambo 5: It’s not terrible!

Honestly, it isn’t.

Rambo 5

I really, genuinely enjoyed watching this film. The plot was pretty simple, which was good. I went in not expecting a great deal really. I haven’t seen the other Rambo films for a very, very long time but I do remember explosion and gore. This film has both of those so I was happy on that front.

The plot sees Rambo go after his adoptive grandaughter who absconded to Mexico to find her no good dad. Things go wrong and she gets kidnapped. Rambo goes in search. This was the only part of the film I personally had issues with. Rambo gets cornered and beat up by the Mexican gangsters rather too easy. Throughout this scene, I was expecting him to unload a huge can of whoop-ass. He didn’t and went down without much of a fight at all and for someone as well trained as he is, it felt a bit off.

All was forgiven however when the last part of the film kicked off. Rambo went to kill Mexico, then lured it back to his farm, where he had set a lot of interesting and brutal traps. It was a bit like Home Alone but with much more blood and guts.

The violent ways in which the bad guys were killed were almost comedic and it more than made up for the blip earlier in the film.

Another bonus was the film wasn’t dragged out at all. It was quick paced and didn’t drag. I really enjoyed the watching it. I’d watch it again!

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