Humanity Ascendant at LARPCON

Today, I found myself roped into helping out at the Humanity Ascendant stall at LARPCON, and it was awesome. Meeting up with a couple of others from the game, we manned a stall and told all who would listen how cool the game is:


We did so in some of our costume to give people the idea of what you can use as kit, showed off the guns and hardwear and introduced a lot of people to the world-setting. It was great to see others in costume as well and get ideas from them!


The game is entering it’s third year, and most of the initial teething problems are now out of the way. I am now very much looking forward to exploring the world and interacting with it, and hopefully making some new friends along the way too. All the people we encountered today were enthusiastic with us, and hopefully, we have some more people to play the game. I am very much excited about going along and giving it a go.

If you are interested in coming along too, the first event is Easter Weekend at Giant’s Seat Scout Camp in Manchester. There is a link to the website below, but feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them.

What is HASC?

I also bought a bolt gun, but more of that later.

8 thoughts on “Humanity Ascendant at LARPCON

    1. Hi Pete.

      I am putting together a mailing list which has the opportunity for a free place via a draw.

      Let me know if you want in. I shall be sending the email regarding that in the next day or so.


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