I feel like I should do a bit of an update about what is going on and what I have been up to so far. Today, and the past few, have been very productive for me. I realised I could add a paypal button to the store section of the blog, and so I have done that. This should make it easier for those interested in my bits to actually buy them. Have a link, go check out the interesting buttons!

I have added a page about Humanity Ascendant with relevent links on for interested people to follow. I am looking forward to giving the game a go, and want to ensure that everyone knows how much fun it is. Please go and have a look at it, it’s going to be a blast!

Miniature news!

After finishing Team Augmetic Leg and Dante, I have had to go on a build spree. Today, I have built 5 Aggressors, 1 Repulsor Execusioner and a Warcry Team of Cyper Lords. These will be painted over the next few days and shall likely appear in the store a few days later. I enjoy building, I also enjoy that it means I get space on the shelves for more boxes – there is never enough shelf space.

For now though, enjoy these pictures of Team Augmetic Leg!

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