Aeronautica Imperialis

While we are unable to go anywhere, we have decided to try out a couple of the games from Games Workshop. Today, we tried out Aeronautica Imperialis. We put the planes together last night – I picked Orks for a change and today, we got to blowing each other up.

The first game lasted about fifteen minutes. We used the smaller planes to test it out. The most difficult part of the game was figuring out how the planes moved! There are cheat sheets, which helped a great deal, but my visualisation skills are not the best. Flash backs to failing at The Stars are Right came to mind!

I learned that my planes are better at short Range, so getting in close was my aim. Despite some technical hitches with manovering, and getting one of my planes blown up early on, I managed to win the first game!

I’m looking forward to trying the larger planes out in the next match – after lunch. The game was quick to play, relatively simple to get my head around and fun too. I also look forward to painting the planes in suitably bright colours!

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