Blood Angels.

So, now that I have finished with the Death Company for now, I decided it was time to move on and paint something else. I have a lot,of boxes in the house that are sitting around and need attention, but worse than that, I have a lot of old spruces that need assembling. Today, I put together 4 scouts, the last one seems to have gone off on a mission somewhere, and sorted out 10 Space Marines of the old variety. I know they’re not getting releases now, but it seems a shame not to use them. They are all going to be Blood Angels anyway and so will join the top shelf when finished.

I am trying to make them seem very ‘Space Marine’ so have them with banners and ornate bits and bobs, and a ton of purity seals too. I also found some random miniatures that are going to be added to the squad, because they have nowhere else to hang out.

Don’t worry, I will drill out barrels when I have everyone assembled and in a line for painting!

The other thing I did today was stupid. I scratched my cheek with my scalpel in my hand and sliced my nose. It bled profusely but will heal ok on its own. It left me feeling really dumb. What is the dumbest thing you have done while hobbying?

7 thoughts on “Blood Angels.

  1. I’ve cut my fingers countless times whilst working on minis (brand new X-acto blades are the worst for that!), I don’t recall cutting myself in that manner. Hope it heals quickly.

    As for me….all I’m gonna say is: don’t EVER wipe your hands ANYWHERE near your eyes if there’s even the slightest chance of there being some still wet super glue on them! Won’t damage your eyes (or at least it wasn’t enough to do so in my case) but hurts like a motherfucker!!!

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  2. Ah I’ve also got the classic space marine with chainsword and bolter, although weirdly the chainsword was cut off. I found it at a carboot sale a couple of years ago. Makes a good Nightlord model!

    Stupidest thing I’ve done was putting the paint brush in my cup of tea. Tasted good though!

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  3. Those look great- some nice old models too.

    I did once spend 10 mins looking for a dropped piece before my laughing girlfriend told me it was stuck to my sock….




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