Ghazghkull and Friends

I have never really painted an ork before. Aside from the hastily brushed miniatures on one of the Paint-a-thon’s, I’ve not touched them. I like their aesthetic however, and the silliness that comes with them. They are one of the happier factions within the 40K world – in my mind at least – and there is something appealing about their fun, almost care-free attitude.

I picked up a box of Prophecy of the Wolf with the intention of painting the orks to give them a go. I am so glad I did. Here are the painted miniatures, my thoughts will come afterwards!

It was hard squeezing them all in the light box together – it’s only a small one.

So, the miniatures themselves. They are wicked. I really loved the little grots, who were pulling funny faces as they accompany their bigger ‘allies’. The orks themselves were interesting too, and the re-do of Ghazghkull is immense.

I enjoyed painting green skin – using the colours I have rather than going out and buying more. Not really an easy option while we are all on lockdown anyway. I also enjoyed experimenting with the armour. I wanted to follow the colours on the box, and I thought drybrushing black over silver might work. I feel like it did.

All in all, I am pleased with how they turned out. I will certainly try to paint more orks in the future too!

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