Adeptus Titanicus – Game 1

I don’t actually play many games, as most of you know. I find them difficult to get my head around and actually focusing on larger games, such as 40K, challenges my concentration.

However, this weekend, I played my first game of Adeptus Titanicus and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. I played with the basic rules only, so we could both get our heads around how the game worked, and with two machines each – a Warlord and a Reaver.

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The first turn took ages, I was reading the rules as we went along – I find reading them all at the start is information overload, so going through it one step at a time is much easier.

To track the Titans, their reactor heat, weapons and damage, there are these funky Manifold Boards, which I found simple to read and use:

You use tokens in the holes to track where you are with damage, reactor temperatues and void shields!

Getting used to the game wasn’t too much of a challenge and by the time the third turn came around, we were much quicker at playing. I found it easier to play than Aeronautica Imperialis, as there was no depth or height levels to the game – this is something I have always struggled with. I liked the mechanics we had in play and learned that void shields are pretty essential if you want to survive.

How did the battle go? Well, it was very close in the end. My reaver got taken out first, then Dave’s Warlord’s Reactor exploded and caused critical damage to mine. This allowed his Reaver to blow mine up and thus ended the game. It was very close throughout however and I am sure that next time, I will be able to do some more damage!! Here are some more shots of the game in action!

Next time we play, we will be adding in some more rules to make the game a little different. I look forward to it!

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