Grumpy Git – Entries!

A reminder of what we both were working with. Now, the entries!!

Entry A

I went for a bit of a subtle paint job on him tbh. He’s bright, so the diamond pattern is less important to me. He’s also a bit of a disgraced character by all accounts, so I can kind of understand the slightly more muted tones. Basically went with the box art for colours. Made the base out of an old credit card.

Entry B

It is the same miniature I swear, taking pictures and getting the colour to show is a pain so I have submitted all the attempts! I wanted to show him coming out of the webway, so added a few more squares to the base made of plasta-card. I went with dark hair as per the comic he is in as well. I wanted to go for high contrast with the purple and green. The colours stand out well against one another and add flashes of vibrancy against the darker tones.

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