I started painting the Indomitus Necrons the other day and wanted to share the progress I have made on them. There are a few new things I am trying out with them, which seem to have worked so far. Here are the pictures, I will talk about the new things afterwards so you know what I am talking about:

The bases. Usually, I would use either Agrax Earthshade or Nuln Oil to shade the texture paint. (I love texture paint), but this time around I wanted to use a different colour to see what effect it woul have. I used Druchii Violet as it is close to the red in the colour wheel, and then drybrushed Jokero Orange over the top. I like the shadow effect it has, though in some places it appears to have a white hue to it – might have to look into that and see where it has come from.

I am also really pleased with the Plasmancer’s blade. I have done blended weapons before but the green on this seems to have come out really well. Of course, the rest of the Plasmancer needs more work doing to him, but I really wanted to share what I had done so far.

I am looking forward to painting the rest of them and seeing them as a force on the battlefield, they should look striking on the red gaming mat that we use! Pictures to follow I am sure!

5 thoughts on “Necrons!

  1. That white hue is fascinating. My first thought was frosting from superglue, but if you are using texture paints that is not really possible (it would have to be due to the adhesive in the paint itself). Then I thought maybe dry-brushing scraped the top layer of paint down to the base colour (or even dissolved some of it to reveal white underneath). I like it though!! It looks a bit like crusted salt or a light dusting of ice/methane ice.


  2. Yes, that blade is gorgeous, really good work there! The rest also look great, that rusty brown tint adds a lot to a metallic scheme. One suggestion I’d make is to change the base rims to black, or at least something darker than the base top. Makes it less attention-grabbing..

    The white might be, as you thought, from too much wash. But I think the base issue is that it wasn’t shaken enough, and hence dried badly. You might be able to fix it with some varnish.


    1. I usually do black trim on the bases, but these will be used on a red coloured battle mat, so I have done them the brown for that reason. I shall consider it though.

      Varnishing might work! I will do so when I have all the other ‘crons done and we shall see if it helps. Good idea!


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