Creepy Graveyard Scenery!

I have painted a lot of miniatures over the last three years but not a great deal of scenery. I needed to do some for a project lately and so I pulled out some of the Mortal Realms sprues and put them together. They were fun from that point of view, but I was unsure how to proceed with actually painting them. Thinking back to the video on painting neon helped however and I managed to select colours that I thought would work. The colourwheel has become my go to when picking colours and that helped a great deal.

I used a dark brown base colour – Rhinox Hide, and then used varying shades of grey to layer up to create a slate effect. Here is what they look like:

When I had finished with the drybrushing, I thought the scenery looked flat, so I picked out the roses with a dark green and bright red, and drybrushed the ground in dryad bark to add a little colour variation as well.

Here are some finished shots, one with a confused necron and the other with some of the Deepkin. Using finished scenery really mades a difference to the look of a battle field. Someone said that the scenery is the third army on the field and that really struck a chord with me. I shall be painting some more in the very near future – for 40K as well as Age of Sigmar.

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