Judiciar Ambrose

When Indomitus was announced, and the first set of new miniatures shown, my friend and I (and a lot of others too) were very excited about them. My friend doesn’t play 40K, but is highly invested in the lore and the stories. Like myself she is a Blood Angel’s fan – she is responsible for that too when I think about it. It was her birthday fairly recently and I said I would paint her the Judiciar, as that was the particular model she liked.

My favourite part of this miniature is the leather cloak. I used a sponge to dapple on some of the weathering and then washed it in Agrax to knock the colour back again to help it blend in with the darker shades. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I also like the reflection on the hourglass, I think that worked well

She has named him Ambrose, and he is on his way to keep an eye on Mephiston and ensure that he does not do anything too stupid… again. I am not sure how successful he will be.

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