Captain Azakiel

I have managed to finish one of my own miniatures this week! As most of you already know, I have been painting and collecting Blood Angels, and using then to try new things and develop existing skills.

I have painted the captain and used some new paints by Scale 75 to do some non metallic metal work. I have done gold before, but wanted to try a brighter colour. Silver is one I have not really tackled all that much, especially with a blue tone to it – before I have only used grey tones, and I have never done bronze. Inside the Scale 75 sets are some tutorials using the colours in the set, so I used those as a guide and just started to experiment and see what happened. Here are the results:

I am so pleased with the results. The gold, silver and brass look really striking. I also feel the edge highlights are neat too. I went for dark blue cloth instead of cream, as I thought the colour would get lost with the purity seal paper and the amount of bone on the guy as well. All in all, I feel this is one of the best ones I have painted so far. I certainly learned a lot in the process and that was the intention.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t let me down in the upcoming games now that he has a fancy paint job!

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