Up until very recently, the only thing I have put decals on is a tank – a large, flat surface that is relatively easy to do. I have just started to put them in other places. I usually freehand details like that, but seeing how I am now painting a full army, that is a lot of freehand. It is about time I learned how to use decals anyway as some of the orders I have taken lately have also asked for them. Here are the results on one of the Blood Angels Assault Intercessors – and a shot of the Captain again as well because I am super proud of him!

I use Microset to put the transfer in place, and then Microsol to soften it and set it. It means that the transfer molds to the curves of the shoulderpads and sets well, but in my eyes, it still looks shiny. I need to get some matt varnish to spray over the top and see if that helps with this. I used satin varnish on the Judiciar, as that is what I had but I think a matt varnish will look better.

I know this process is a case of keep practicing and trying things and finding out which works. That is why I am using my own miniatures to practice on after all. I already feel more confident with them, though I am unsure how I would cope with placing a transfer on a more curved surface. The only way is to give it a try and see what happens.

7 thoughts on “Decals

  1. Nicely done. I used to hate doing transfers until I discovered Micro Sol and Micro Set. Now I have a lot of fun when it comes time to do transfers.

    Definitely matt varnish over the top though. It completes that ‘painted on’ look.

    Another piece of advice is to use a Cotton Bud for applying the Micro Sol. It dabs down the transfer really nice and smoothly, better than a brush.

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    1. I shall give that a try next time I am using the transfers. I’ve also had the suggestion of using Lahmiam Medium instead of varnish, so shall be trying that too!

      Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. Gloss varnish the target surface, microsol/microset to apply and soften the transfer. Gloss varnish again over the top to make the edge of the transfer “disappear”. Then matte, weather, etc to taste. You may also need to cut into the transfer to help it conform (or even cut a small section away, depending on what the design is) if applying to an uneven surface like a marine pauldron.


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