The Next Adventure

Not really miniature related this post but every bit as exciting…

Potentially, we have found a house we would like to buy. I have long dreamed of owning a place, and now that all other debts are cleared and gone, we are in a position to think about doing so. The place we have found is quirky, a bit of a project (that’s an understatement) and will suit very well.

It is a house of two halves. Let me show you the first part:

The house was built in 1809 and was originally 3 small houses, one of which was a Blacksmiths. It was then converted into a pub called the Mariners Arms, whihch functioned for many years; the beer cellar is still there! The pub was shut however and the building transformed into a small Independent School. This ceased operation in 2010 and was brought by the current owner, who have renovated a lot of the house.

Remember how I said it was a house of two halves. Well, here is the other half:

Essentially, there is another 2 bedroom house on the bakc of the 4 bedroom place that has been renovated already. It needs some finishing off…

I am unsure what will happen to the huge room at the top, which I have not pictured yet. It was the year 5/6 classroom – it still has this on the door – but to begin with it will become my painting studio space. It’s 40m2 so it is quite a large area! I may have to learn how to DIY.

We’re going through the early motions of buying this place, getting the mortgage arranged and we hope to hear back in the next day or so. Another visit has been booked too, with clearer heads (parents) to get their thoughts too. It is very exciting, and I am still waiting for someone to say we cannot have it.

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