An Update!

I have not been here for a while. I’ve been taking some time to myself to do my thing in peace. I had a couple of commissions to work on, so focused on those, as well as some other things that have been going on.

We had to have one of the cats put to sleep last week, and that was sad. Oscar was fifteen, or there abouts. He came to us twelve years ago as an adult stray and never left. He is certainly missed, and getting used to the house without him in it is strange.

I have also been painting some of my own miniatures after finishing off a top tier commission of a Custodes Dreadnought. They have proven to be a really good cleanser, and have been a lot of fun to paint. I will do a separate post on the dreadnought later, but here are some of the miniatures from Shadows of Brimstone that I have painted.

These are only a few, and I may well take some more pictures soon and post about them later.

All in all, I have taken the time to relax and reset myself. The first part of the year was very hectic with moving, and I felt I needed to take some time to think things through and take stock. I feel better for it, adn look forward to the next challenge – a fully painted Ad Mech Army for a regular client! I feel I am starting to win again.

4 thoughts on “An Update!

  1. Sorry for your loss. We rescued a stray of of the streets two years ago and had to take it to a sanctuary as we were not financially stable enough yet to take care of it. We still miss him even though he stayed with us for only a few days.


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