Custodes Dreadnought Commission

I finished this guy a while back, but have only just got around to posting about him. I was commissioned by one of my regular clients to paint a Custodes Dreadnought to display standard. It involved non-metallic metals, a lot of blending, some freehand and took me over a week to complete. I, and he, were pleased with the result. I learned a lot about doing Non-Metallic metal while I painted the miniature, and I now feel a lot more confident about doing so in the future.

Here he is:

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this guy, and the chance to do something a bit fancier than table top standard was amazing. It was particularly difficult to let this miniature go to its new owner! The client reposed the dreadnought, as I was not confident I would be able to do so. I will happily admit that I am not confident when it comes to resin miniatures, having not done a great deal of my own. However I believe the pose came out very well in the end.

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