D&D Vampire Miniature

One of the Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I am involved in in Curse of Strahd – 5e version. It is perhaps the creepiest game I have ever played and as someone who is not overly keen on horror, it is proving to be very atmospheric. I am sure that has nothing to do with the surround sound creepy noises and everything to do with an excellent Games Master and terrifying setting.

It is also the first game we are playing face to face in many months, and it now has the advantage of actual table top miniatures. This is something that is still pretty new to my D&D experience and it adds a new level to it – it also makes keeping track of things a lot easier. What makes it even better is having those miniatures fully painted.

The one I did for the campaign has yet to show up, which player me is relieved about. Painter me cannot wait to see it though:

Printed at the Foundry (, I then painted him up with crisp red and blue steel. I also painted the crest on his cloak, because what else would an ancient, all powerful self-obsessed vampire need?

I am both looking forward to, and dreading, meeting this version in the game!

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