Castellan Crowe and friends!

Now that the busy month of August has passed, I have had a bit of time to catch up on painting and get some work done. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Hexfire box and have wasted no time in getting the Grey Knights painted. I plan on keeping the Thousand Sons so they have joined the waiting list of personal projects, but the Grey Knights were always going to be sold – which is why they got done first. Here they are in all the silver glory!

I thoroughly enjoyed painting these guys, and the silver turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

I started with a base coat of Leadbelcher, washed with Guilliman Glaze, then dry brushed with Stormhost silver. The blue tint shows through well without it being overpowering. The weaponry also looks awesome – I opted for layer blended swords so they didn’t blend in with the other metallics.

And of course, it wouldn’t be one of my miniatures without something fancy on the cloak!

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