Dungeons and Dragons: Ptolus 3.5

My friends and I have been playing a game of D&D for the past 8 years or so. We’ve been exploring and saving Monty Cooke’s Ptolus and it’s been a lot of fun. I play a barbarian, named Gjertrude and have been since level 3. The party hit level 19 during the last session, and we finally got to explore the dungeon at the top of the spire – which is what the entire game has been all about!

We fought elementals, ghosts, giant shark things I can’t remember the name of and got blown up by traps. We were mocked by dwarf ghosts, crunched by goo and found things in jars I would rather not speak of.

The dungeon background was made by our GM, and it adds a whole new level to the game. When he began playing, we didn’t even use miniatures or maps. It’s been a long running campaign and how we play has changed a great deal. Using minis and physical maps makes such a huge difference to the game itself and adds a great deal of enjoyability.

Hopefully, we will make it through the dungeon and save the world! But who knows what’s around the next corner?

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