Perfect sons – Painted

We have been printing off the range of Perfect Sons for the Forster’s Foundry website and this week I finally got around to painting some of them. I’ve really enjoyed the work I have done so far. The minis are detailed, but not saturated with intricate bits and they’ve been a pleasure to work on;

The shape of the dreadnought is awesome and I loved the smaller minis too. I am also now working on the demons and the other unit so I shall post those up when they are done!

The range can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Perfect sons – Painted

  1. Love the arm on that dreadnaught. Great paint job all round. Quick heads up as the link does not seem to be there where you mention it… Are you leaning more towards Printing mini´s in general seeing as how GW has been complete ass hats? Or was is this just a temprary outlet you are exploring?

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