Grimy Ork.

I have recently worked on the ork sorcerer from the Dominion box set – the swampcalla shaman and his pot grot buddy.

I wanted to make them look grimy, as though they lived in a swamp before joining the rest of the orks. I opted for muted colours on the whole miniature, and even the yellow I used looks grubby thanks to some Agra’s earth shade.

I’m pleased how they both turned out, and they were fun to paint too. They didn’t take too long and if I were to paint an ork army, I’d paint them like this!

2 thoughts on “Grimy Ork.

  1. Nice work. It’s not easy to paint a mini to look dirty without it just looking badly done but you’ve really made these chaps work. I don’t think that I’d ever noticed that the wizard’s coat is partly made of a massive skull before either.


    1. Thank you!
      He was a lot of fun to paint and I enjoyed doing something different. Makes a change from crisp edge highlights for sure. Not sure if I will do any more soon, but they’re fun minis!


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