Warboot – Element Games, Jan 2022.

I love Warboots! They have always been a good way of selling old miniatures, picking up bargains and meeting up with people I rarely see as well as meeting new ones.

Sunday marked the first Warboot for two years, and it was awesome. We managed to clear off a lot of miniatures that have been floating about for yonks, as well as pick up some new fun for a decent price.

I shall start with the Titans!

Titanicus is the only game I play on a (semi) regular basis and when this lot came up for a very good price, we had to take them home! More to work on of course but it’s Titans, so who cares. Points for the correct guess as always!

I also picked up a complete set of The Burning of Prospero. Some minis we shall be keeping, some we shall be selling on!

Question is, do I keep the Ahriman… I do need another…?

Finally, I picked up a couple of projects for my Blood Angels! A librarian dreadnought and a converted sanguinary priest who I plan to turn into Corbulo. There is a mini for him but he is finecast and quite frankly, NO!

Both shall need a bath in the bio strip!

It was a great day catching up with friends and talking to people, if somewhat exhausting!

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