Raven Guard!

I love the fact I get to do my hobby as my job. I get to paint my favourite miniatures, and then not have to worry too much about finding space to keep them. If it was left to me, I would probably have all the Space Marines which would be ludicrous. I was more than pleased when I was contacted and asked to paint a squad of Raven Guard in Mark III plate.

I haven’t done any edge highlighting like this for a while, so they took me a little longer than I expected. I was pleased with the result. Here they are:

I am particularly pleased with the sergeant’s power sword, and the dark green. The client sent me some pictures to work from, and this really helped me nail down the colouring. After trying a few different methods out on a volunteer chaplain, I was able to create these guys as above.

Next, I shall be working on a mountain of Kriegers – another mountain of Kriegers…

3 thoughts on “Raven Guard!

  1. I think they’re FAB, but I’m biased…….thank you Debbie, super job! Now crack them Guardsmen out and prepare for your next Raven Guard recruits. Best wishes. Mark.

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