The Warhound!

This time, it is not an Adeptus Titanicus update! This weekend, we found some time to work on the Big Guy! This guy has a serious learning curve to him, but is plenty of fun. Here are some progress pictures, and I will share my thoughts after them!

I was in charge of the body part today, so I stripped off the casting gates with that handy looking saw and tidied up mould lines and extra bits that shouldn’t be there. There was quite the pile of resin when I was done!

My next task was putting it together. Resin is quite heavy, so I employed the use of rubber bands to get the right level of tension for the glue to go off. It was quite tricky to get the whole thing to sit right, and I know there is going to be a fair bit of greenstuff work further down the line, but for now, I have some of the body together.

The legs are also coming together nicely. They are now fixed to the hips with good use of epoxy resin and a clamp stand. The toes are on one foot and soon the other will be done too. We have certainly used some interesting tools to get this beast in the right position. Rubber bands, the clamp stand and a volunteer water demon.

It is a big step closer to getting it mostly built so I can paint it – hurrah.

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