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I did a thing!

Something different today! I want to say Clarkson’s Farm was not an inspiration for this. I’d be lying though. A long time ago, in a previous life, I was at college studying Horticulture and although in more recent years I have not made time for it, I want to do so now. My dad has always grown things and it’s such an inspiration to see blooming geraniums. One of my best memories is helping him in the greenhouse as a child. I doubt I will grow tomatoes as I don’t like them, but I hope what I do grow is as good as his!

Since moving in to the new house, I have slowly started to rekindle my like of growing things. I’ve always wanted a herb garden, and so I started by purchasing a few last year from the supermarket. Some of them even managed to survive over the winter, much to my delight.

The bay tree was a birthday present last year, and today I put it in a much larger pot so the wind doesn’t blow it over. The mint I thought had died but it seems to have returned. I want to have quite a few so I can use them in cooking in the future.

In an attempt to grow what we eat, I purchased some troughs and put vegetables in them. They are in the long porch which gets warm during the day so they should be alright. Some of them have germinated too so I shall definitely have some to eat in a few months.

I also reported my two citrus trees. I have a mini orange and lemon tree, both of which are pretty neat. The lemon tree was overwatered before it was warm enough so dropped all its leaves. I hope it will be happier in a larger pot – the roots were fairly balled up!

Both plants stay in a warm window so they should be alright!

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