Humanity Ascendant: Event 8

This weekend, I had the fortune to go to Humanity Ascendant Event 8. The last event was in September, and was a lot of fun. This time was no different! Friday evening involved visits from some tribal people who are our allies, learning about the ancestors from one of them, and creating terrible slanderous poetry about a rival bunker leader. I am not going to publish that offensive drivel here, but know that my inner 12 year old is very proud of the swearing involved in such work.

Saturday morning was spend either helping set up missions or creating more propaganda posters calling out the big baddie!

Our mission on Saturday involved going out to investigate why some tribal people have been acting strangely. Along the way, we found a body with its head off – gross, and got shot at by some not-right tribals. We didn’t get dead, but we did get our heads messed with. When we found their priest, we fell under his influence and were unable to do him harm. He and his followers were drinking from a wellspring of C7 (liquid power) and were a bit nutty.

We couldn’t find a reason for them to be acting strange, so we backed off. At that moment, the compulsion we had all been under evaporated, so we murder-charged the group and shot them all! We then took his staff, a sample of the well, made an example of those who abandon their brothers through the act of humiliating videos and then tried to cheese it back to camp.

Of course, there was an ambush on the way back! Sniper rifles are bad. Snipers on the other side of a ravine who are far away are even worse. It took us a fair while, and rather a lot of health refills to get them, but they did eventually die!

The evening was spent chatting rubbish in character, sharing information and learning what else had happened through the day on other missions.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend. I hung out with awesome people, had a great laugh and met some new people too.

I am very much looking forward to the next event in June. If you want to join in the awesomeness, please get in touch!

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