Blood Bowl! Khorne and Sevens!

Last weekend, I played my first game of Blood Bowl in a long, long time. Blood Bowl was the first ever Games Workshop game I ever played, way back in the dim past, when I was around fifteen. We were going to play a simpler version of the game called Sevens, which made learning how to play a little easier than what I remember!

Anyway, I picked up the new Khorne team – the miniatures look awesome so I went with them, no other reason than that, and off we went.

They also have a werewolf!

The first half was spent learning who can do what, and how well. I beat up a load of halflings, even killed some outright, which as far as Khorne is concerned was a winning situation. My opponent’s trees got rooted in both halves, and this gave me a distinct advantage.

As expected, these guys are pretty good at beating people up, but not so good at catching the ball. I was playing halflings, who are pretty puny but also good at catching. See where this is going?

The second half was a bit more even. I killed less halflings, but ultimately failed at catching the ball and therefore could not score any touchdowns.

I had a lot of fun with it though, and I look forward to using the actual team, rather than proxies! It is a fun game and I certainly want to play again soon!

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