Humanity Ascendant – Event 9

The next Humanity Ascendant Event is looming ever closer! June 17-19th to be exact. I am very much looking forward to it too. I have swapped from playing a scientist character, to playing a War Journalist. My base class is a soldier, however I am the chief reporter for magazine ‘Guns and Ammo’, which reports back to members of the Bunker on all manner of story. Most of them are reports on missions to the surface, some of them are a little more light hearted!

One change we have made to the game is that we are now offering day tickets! Committing a full weekend when lives are very busy with being lived can be a bit much, so the organisation team decided it would be a great idea to offer day tickets as well.

All the details are on the sign up forms, which are here:

Come along for the day and shoot some bad guys with laser guns!

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