Humanity Ascendant: Event 9 – Horizons.

This weekend found me back in field! What a pleasure it was too. For those of you who don’t know, Humanity Ascendant is a Live Action Role Play game set 500 years in the future. The world has ‘survived’ an event called The Fall, which forced humanity to live underground. The apocalypse has eased off now to the point where people are back on the surface and fighting for survival. Think Fallout with an Xcom feel to it and you get the general idea.

This weekend was the first time I played a soldier character. Due to rules reasons, my last character was no longer viable, so I switched it up.

I spent my weekend running up and down hills, shooting at people with a big gun. When I wasn’t playing my character, I was doing the same thing as a monster! It was amazing.

While I was not shooting people – there is a lot more to this game than simply shooting guns – I was writing notes and interviewing people for the magazine! My character is also a reporter, who produces ‘Guns and Ammo’ for the other players to read. I interviewed a couple of other characters, some of the NPC’s and made notes for other pages.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I have come home tired but enthusiastic about the next steps in the game.

Humanity Ascendant’s next event is 23-25th September at Giants Seat in Manchester.

We have a very active Facebook group, who will be more than happy to answer questions and help get people involved should they need to. All the game guides and forms can also be found there:

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